Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to advertise within the platform for free, or do you have to buy advertising space for each form of advertising?

Yes, there is an advertising bonus of 1,000 advertising points for new members, which can be used for banner or text advertising.

What do the advertising limits on the Member Upgrade page refer to?

These limits specify the number of text, banner or web pages for the traffic exchange that a member can post at the same time.

Member Verification (KYC)

Is it possible to earn money on the platform without prior KYC verification?

Yes, but you can't avoid verification if you want to withdraw your balance.

Earn without deposit

Is every user entitled to earn money by watching PTC ads and PTC videos, or do they have to have some kind of membership package or verified account to earn money in this way?

Every member can view PTC advertisements and is paid for them. This is also possible in the free membership. However, you have to verify your identity (KYC). This ensures that the paid advertisements reach many different members, which increases effectiveness and reduces fraud attempts.

Does buying higher membership packages bring users more revenue from viewing PTC ads and PTC videos?

No. The remuneration of PTC advertising is determined by the price of the advertisement, not by the membership levels of its viewers.

Is it possible to make money watching PTC ads and PTC videos without watching 10 Traffic Exchange ads every day?

Yes, PTC advertising is independent of the 10 Traffic Exchange clicks.


Does the user need to view 10 Traffic Exchange ads for CASHBACKS to work for adpacks?

Yes. If you want to participate in the company's turnover in the form of CASHBACKS, you must view at least 10 Traffic Exchange pages daily or take a click holiday (up to 180 days possible).

What exactly is the CASHBACK 120% described on the homepage (how does it work exactly)?

After midnight (CET), cashback from the cashback pool, which is generated from the company's profits from advertising revenue, is allocated to individual adpacks, provided their owner qualifies (verified member account, 10 clicks or holiday).

Affiliate programme rules

What percentage do we earn in each of the 3 levels and is this dependent on the membership package purchased?

In the first level, all members earn 10% on everything regardless of their membership level.

In order to receive commissions on Adpack purchases, one of the higher membership levels must be booked.

Silver membership: 5% for the 2nd level; Gold membership: 10% for the 2nd level and 5% for the 3rd level; Platinum membership: 15% for the 2nd level and 10% for the 3rd level.

With the free package, do I also receive commissions for views of PTC ads and PTC video ads on 3 levels through my referrals?

Yes, you get the click bonus for the PTC clicks of your direct referrals (1st level) regardless of your membership level (i.e. also in the free membership). If a PTC ad pays 1 cent to your direct referral, for example, you also get 1 cent of it. If an advertisement pays 2 cents, you get 2 cents, etc.

Is there a binary matrix on the platform? If so, what principles does it follow exactly?

No. We do not have a matrix system of any kind here. Personally recruited members are assigned to you in the 1st level and to your sponsor in his 2nd level and his sponsor in his 3rd level.


Is there a minimum and maximum amount for daily/monthly withdrawals?

The minimum is currently USD 10 per day. The maximum is regulated by the membership levels: Free: 25 USD, Bronze: 50 USD, Silver: 75 USD, Gold: 100 USD, Platinum: 200 USD. You can request ONE withdrawal per day.

Are there minimum withdrawal amounts depending on the payment processor chosen? If so, what are these thresholds for each of these processors?

No. There are no restrictions at the moment. However, it is recommended to always pay out the maximum amount, as the fees for BTC withdrawals, for example, are 0.0004 BTC (~ 7.90 USD) (we have no influence on this) and you only get approx. 1.60 USD for a 10 USD withdrawal (5% go directly into the advertising balance). With a 200 USD payout, you would get 191.60 USD minus the fees. The bank transfer option should also only be used for amounts of at least USD 25 in order not to lose money to the bank.

Does every withdrawal have to be approved by the admin, or are there also instant withdrawals?

Each payout is made manually by the admin to counteract any attempts at fraud.

How long does it take for a withdrawal to be processed once it has been approved by the administration?

Normally, it takes up to 24 hours for a payout to be made by the admin. However, delays may occur at weekends.

Does Klarna allow deposits/withdrawals via cards from fintechs like Revolut, Wise, N26?

Payments are not processed via Klarna, but via the business account of JN Marketing

Deposits and purchases via Klarna are possible through various banks in Europe. Currently, banks in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Switzerland are supported. The payment is made in EURO. Therefore, only banks that may convert the amount from the country selection (CHF or PLN) are possible. Revolut, N26 can be found via Belgium. Wise is currently not connected to Klarna.

Does Klarna also allow virtual credit card payments (only for online payments)?

Via Klarna, transactions are possible via various European banks. If a (virtual) credit/debit card is connected to the account, payment should be possible (e.g. via Revolut or N26).

Can multiple withdrawals be made per day or is there a limit to the number of daily withdrawals?

Only ONE withdrawal per day is possible. As long as it is not completed, you cannot request another withdrawal.


Will a more trusted SSL certificate be set up for the website than the free Let's Encrypt certificate currently in use?

No. The standard certificate from our provider is secure enough and perfectly adequate for our purposes.

Does the admin plan to add a 2-factor authenticator as part of improving user security, and if so, when does it need to be used and will the use of this feature be optional for users?

Yes, 2-factor authentication is still being built into the system. This will be optional. Currently, we secure the accounts with the transaction PINs, among other things, which has proven itself in recent years.

Is the website protected against DDoS attacks?

Yes, our hosting provider has secured its servers for DDoS attacks. Of course, nothing is 100% secure, as hackers will always find ways to bombard a site with fake requests.

Is the website hosted on shared hosting, VPS or a dedicated server?

Our site is located on a shared server, which is ideal for our purposes due to the professional server management there on the part of the provider and saves a lot of costs and maintenance time.