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Let Your Business Go Viral!


Here at you can promote your online business, blogs, affiliate-products or services to get more customers, readers or business partners.

We provide advertising services for entepreneurs and private persons. We have very effective promotion methods.

You can use our very effective Login Ads with 20sec duration to promote your websites to all active members of

Your banners and textads can be shown to members of our plattform, or on external pages to bring you more prospects.

You can set (Video-)PTC ads of up to 90 seconds duration and also, every Traffic Exchange Ad must be watched at least 25 seconds.


On members have opportunity to make money online - without leaving their homes: Members can buy advertising packages for their own, refer new members and customers and earn on commissions in up to 3 downline-levels.

Plus: Members can click on website-, Pay To Click (video-) ads and earn money ($0.01 - $0.10 per view) or even invite friends to get passive "Surf Bonuses" for the clicks of their referrals!

You get UP TO 120% CASHBACK in passive mode through our daily sharing pool that is built by advertising purchases and membership upgrades.

Our CASHBACK-system sharing is a REAL-MONEY Business: We only share profits that members have generated before through REAL MONEY!


Promote & Earn without leaving your home.

Business Contacts

You can find business offers and product ads from other members and you can find more partners and customers for your own.

Advertising Solutions

Our platform allows people to promote their affiliate links and products and lets their ads go viral around the world.

Earning Program

Members can earn commissions and cashbacks and earn money by watching ads on our platform without a deposit.

VIRAL JOB ADS - Viral Marketing has never been so easy before

We want to give people around the world the chance to promote & earn in an easy way: active or passive. Online - without leaving their homes.

Of course, there were good marketing opportunities before - there were also business opportunities where ordinary people made money.

But seriously, most of us want to work passively for money somewhere because they have to do their main job, want to spend time with their families, or just don't know anything about online marketing.

Many just want to have a small extra income with simple tasks, where they can organize their time freely.

Some of us live in countries with "Covid19" restrictions and are forced to stay at home - with less money or even no money!

So this is a platform for completely normal humans, who want to earn in the Internet in simple way small or large money - without having to write for it applications, without going out of the house.

You can settle this business also comfortably in the vacation, because here there are no financial targets, no special conditions, in order to be allowed to participate. You can be active or not. That is up to you.

You need only an Internet entrance, in order to be allowed to participate with


Get paid in active mode

You can earn up to 35% commissions on your referral's purchases in up to 3 downline levels. Whenever your downliners pay for something, you will earn a commission!

Get paid for watching ads

Members can watch Traffic Exchange Ads and earn money. You can even invite your friends and get a Surfing Bonus for their ads-watching-activities!

Get paid in passive mode

For every advertising package you buy (contains banner-/textad credits and website visitors) you can get up to 120% CASHBACK in a passive way!


Use our advertising platform to drive new members to your existing business or find new prospects and customers!

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Viral Traffic To Your Website!

You can promote your business, services, products, affiliate links and blogs using language-targeted banners, textads, (video-)PTC-ads, login-ads and video-logout-ads and traffic exchange ads. We are servicing your ads very fast and in an effective way.

Multiple Income Streams

You can earn Referral Commissions when you bring new customers into your advertising business. Plus you can earn Matching Bonuses on all PTC clicks of your referrals. Yes! You can earn in multiple ways using our advertising platform.

Up to 120% CASHBACK

You can receive large profits on your own advertising purchases plus you can avail of promotional bonuses to promote your business. is a win-win situation for our members and their customers.

10+ Years Of Experience

We have learned a lot from the past!


Within the last 10 years there were a lot of earning and marketing platforms on the internet and most of them were downline after a few months or years and their admins ran away forever.

Not us! The experience from the past is a gift for us all, so now we have an OPTIMIZED CASHBACK-SYSTEM to stay in business for the challenge of the next 10+ years!

We want to give our members the chance to earn back lost money from the past.

Members of can may earn a 10% DISCOUNT BALANCE to be used on every Adpack purchase.


Of course, there is no warranty of getting a Cashback "X % in Y time" for anyone, because we are giving back only, what we really earn and avoid the hype of "revenue sharing" and we have no Ponzi scheme here!

Both, members and the corporate must be in a win-win-situation, so the focus lies on our advertising-service, using a lot of ways to promote affiliate links.

Everything is well-calculated: the "Paid To Click" system with its 10% passive sponsor-bonus, the membership-types; all prices, commissions and bonuses regarding our advertising services; the daily Cashback allocations with repurchase-rules; and last but not least the admin profits.

After registration you can contact the admin team and ask for a discount balance, giving us your old username, etc., so we can find you in our old databases and credit you the correct amount as a discount.